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Bottom Dump Railcar Unloading System Upgrades

Assisted with the evaluation of railcar dump system improvements to reduce dust emissions while unloading soda ash. Improvements included new Burnley Baffles and an assessment of the existing dust collection system.

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Iron Ore Terminal Feasibility Study

DPG assisted Hatch Mott MacDonald with a Feasibility Study evaluating alternatives for iron ore exports from Canada to Europe and China/Asia. Evaluated single-terminal and dual terminal options, performing site evaluations of terminals in Quebec, QC and Vancouver, BC, Canada. The final report included concept designs for train unloading, distribution and storage facilities.

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Alumina Train Unloading and Barge Loading System Update

Evaluation of an existing alumina train unloading to barge loading system. Evaluated options for reducing spillage and dust emissions. Prepared preliminary designs for a replacement dust control system, conveyor transfer improvements and barge loading system.

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Wood Pellet Terminal Improvements

Performed an overall system audit and then developed and oversaw the installation of wood pellet handling and dust control enhancements: Installed additional dust curtains and seals Corrected conveyor transfers with adjustable trajectory chutes and inlet belt loaders Modified transitional chutework Redesigned and replaced the High Angle Conveyor pocket belt Added a secondary, traveling, retractable loading […]

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Rotary Railcar Dumper Inspection and Replacement

Evaluated the existing railcar unloading system to accommodate an increase in annual throughput. Project tasks included: rotary railcar dumper inspection and condition assessment, dumper replacement cost evaluation and rapid discharge bottom dump railcar unloading evaluation. Developed dumper replacement layout drawings and mini-specifications packages to solicit quotations from rotary dumper manufacturers to replace the aging dumper […]

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Conveyor System Transfer Upgrades

Developed transfer geometries and layouts for several conveyors in a high-capacity multi-cargo conveyor system. Transfers included adjustable trajectory deflectors, transfer chutes and bottom inlet belt loaders. Utilized stream flow methodology and DEM analysis to design chutes that minimize turbulence and impact within the transfer in order to minimize degradation, chute wear, spillage and dust.

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Shiploader Conveyor System Upgrades

Evaluation and design of conveyor transfers for multi-cargo shiploader and 2-speed conveyors. Employed stream flow methodology and DEM modeling to develop moving-wall, adjustable deflectors and transfer chutes for variable flow characteristics. Designs addressed product aeration and impact, reducing spillage and dust emissions.

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Wood Pellet Shiploading System Improvements

Evaluation and upgrade of portable shiploading equipment: Telestacker and Cambered Boom Shiploader, to reduce spillage and dust emissions. Developed custom, adjustable deflectors and transfer chutes designed for wood pellet flow. Employed stream flow methodology to reduce product aeration and impact to eliminate spillage and reduce dust emissions. Evaluated operation for potential replacement system to load […]

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